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Workshop report calls for National Initiative

The Computing Community Consortium has just announced that the workshop report from the Human Computation Roadmap Summit has been published and is available for download as a PDF file here.

This report describes workshop activities and findings, identifies key research areas for further exploration, and calls for a National Human Computation Initiative with policy and funding support at all levels to advance the science of participatory systems.

The report was co-developed by the workshop organizers, including  Pietro Michelucci of the Human Computation Institute, Lea Shanley of the The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and Janis Dickinson and Haym Hirsh of  Cornell University.  It also includes important contributions from many of the workshop participants.

MIT Technology Review reports on the workshop here.

Michelucci invited to White House “gamification” event

HC Institute director, Pietro Michelucci, participated in a White House meeting this afternoon to discuss crowd engagement methods that involve game-like elements.   This was the first in a series of Washington, DC-based events titled “Games & Crowds: Using Computer Games to Maximize Crowdsourcing Outcomes”, to explore the societal value of such methods and prospective related initiatives.  In a follow-on event, Dr. Michelucci will be presenting tomorrow at George Mason University on the topic of “Building Contentment” and the prospective role of gamification in the future of human labor.